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Weapons (and Women)


Aw Gawd, she’s back again with those rants about women and X, run for the hills!

Actually, this (hopefully) won’t be so much of a rant. It’s designed to be a catalogue of weapons, but in addition, I’ll be adding a few notes on their usage by women. Some of that will be theoretical, and some of it will be based on real figures. You’re just gonna have to trust me.

Let’s get started.

The Dagger/Knife

Overview: The dagger is a close combat weapon. They are typically composed of a crossguard hilt and a blade. Early daggers were more like knives and had one cutting edge, due to their use as thrusting weapons rather than swiping weapons. Their evolution has included the development of daggers without sharp edges, such as the misericorde, and those with two sharp edges. Its use isn’t limited to combat; daggers have a powerful history within the ceremonial and symbolic sectors.

Fighting with daggers requires speed and quick-thinking. The movements and techniques require the fighter to learn how to move fluidly and trick their opponent by using ‘feints’. ‘Feinting’ is delivering a partial attack, quickly withdrawing and executing another, instead. Light armour is an absolute must with this fighting style, if it’s going to be used at all, and using this weapon against a heavily armoured opponent would be a very bad idea. Daggers were a vital offhand weapon for fighters of any kind; being disarmed meant needing a spare, and in close quarters, a dagger could turn the tables in your favour.

Female Suitability: A common misconception about dagger-fighting is that it’s better to be small. That’s not necessarily true. As long as you can move quickly, you could master this fighting style. There are countless different ways of fighting with daggers, and just about as many different styles of the blades themselves. You’ll need to do some research, if you’re looking for exact descriptions of fighting styles, but in general, women who are quick on their feet and probably more slender would be able to use daggers with high levels of competency. It’s a brain-science as much as it is a physical one, so developing intellectual skills would be important. The mindset of the woman is much more important than her physique in this case; she’d need to be intellectually quick, adaptable and have a damn good poker face. Pile the ability to funnel that deviousness into her body and make that aforementioned body appropriate (realistically, slender, moderately athletic women whose weight is light enough to enable her to be swift), and you might well have a dagger mistress on your hands. In short, if we’re going D&D style, she needs enough strength to thrust, high levels of dexterity and above average intellect.

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